Big-Bang Model 10W Speed Gun

The 10W Speed first appeared in 1923 and was produced into the early 1930's. It was the first model to tout the new plunger style breech block. The first 10W's used the smaller tear-drop wheels and these models are quite uncommon. Later versions used the same wheels as the 6F and are more plentyful. The 10W with its four wheels is very displayable and has that old time pull toy look.

Left: Common pie-slice wheel version. Right: Early tear-drop wheel version.

The 10W uses the same barrel as the earlier 11D and is unique in that the ammunition compartment is integral with the barrel casting.

Larry Kuzmin was bit by the collecting bug earlier this year (2002) when he got a hold of a Smith's Big-Shot.
Here is Larry's excellent 10W restoration.

Immitation is the most sincere form of flatery!

Here is a toy that is a copy of the 10W! It even has a tilting barrel.

Here is another one. Made by Kansas Toy, it is solid (non-tilting).