Big-Bang Model 11P Bombing Plane

First seen advertised in Playthings magazine in March 1929, the Big-Bang Airplane falls into the category of figural, that is, a cannon that looks like something else. For this reason it is highly sought by cannon collectors and is a cross collectable desired by airplane toy collectors as well. The Bombing Plane is typical of airplane toys introduced shortly after Charles Lindberg's famous solo in that it has no windshield. The 11P has two casting variations and three different propeller types are documented.

Here are two ads for the airplane. The ad on the left is the early version. The ad on the right shows the final version of the 11P. The reduced price reflects the hard times in 1931-32. If I only had a time machine...

Here are examples of the first and last versions. The model on the left has a steel tube barrel pressed through the nose that goes back to the combustion area near the breech block. The die-cast propeller and hub assembly is pressed into the barrel. Few die-cast propellers have survived and any airplane with an intact nose is quite valuable! The model on the right has a steel propeller that rides on a brass axle which in turn is secured by a cotter pin. This robust design has survived in suffecent numbers and, while valued over $700, are not difficult to find.

Close-up of the noses. Left: First model and final model. Right: Final model and turbine model.

The final model Bombing Plane was also produced with maroon wing, tail and propellor.