The Artillery Game

Artilery Game on display at Conestoga, Co.
Rumor is that only five thousand were produced.

Glass cannon barrel fitted to a 7F carriage on display at Conestoga, Co.
This cannon was fitted with a plunger type breech block. This breech block didn't appear until the mid 1920's.
The cannon was probably one of Wily's demonstrators, upgraded for convience.

Artilery Game from the collection of Bill Flohr.
Notice the restrictor in the barrel to keep projectiles from going in too far?
This glass barrel could be later than the Conestoga barrels if you consider the restrictor as an improvement.
However, it could be the original design, the restrictor being eliminated due to manufacturing problems.
Either way, we know there were two different glass barrels produced.
Bill's cannon has an electrical ignition system which would be earlier than either the plunger (1925) or the rotary flint found in Conestoga's museum.