Two variations of the pistol were produced and several different boxes are known to exist.
On the left is the 8PG which is the early pistol. 8PG's were unpainted.
On the right is the 6P which is the later design. 6P's were painted black.

Here are a pair of 6P's with the "cowboy" box courtesy of Roy Oplinger.

Here is another box showing the side and end courtesy of Ron Schwoegl.

Besides the paint or lack of it, the 8PG has much larger fins at the muzzle.

The pistols were made from two die-cast parts. The grip part is different too.
A very subtle difference is the relief around the pin hole which is round on the 8PG,
but is diamond around the 6PG.

Aside from the differences mentioned above, the two pistols are almost identical.