Dating Big-Bang - Breech Blocks

Oldest to Newest
WheeliePlunger small lettersPlunger large LettersPlunger no Letters

The earliest Big-Bangs used a breech block that had a spark wheel.
Wily claimed that Ronson stole the idea from him for their cigarette lighters.

The first mention of the plunger type breech blocks is in 1924 in a 10W ad.

The early plunger breech blocks were marked with small lettering.

Later breech blocks had larger letters.

The breech blocks have no lettering at all.

Replacement breech blocks have always been available from Conestoga, but there are many home made breech blocks to be seen.
I manufactured bronze wheelie and plunger replacements for a while and also a few glass-filled nylon ones that are the smoothest to operate.