Dating Big-Bang - Carbide Ammo

The first mention of carbide ammo is in the sales brochure (1906)for the Gas Cannon,
where it is stated the cannon is shipped with a one pound of calcium carbide.
The Gas Cannon used lump carbide and it was probably pea sized (lamp grade) as the brochure also mentions bicycle lamps.
A one pound can would be half the size of the common 1qt cans we used to buy two pounds of carbide in. No Gas Cannon carbide container is known to exist.


Green & Yellow

Foil Bag 1947

Red White Blue

The Right Stuff

Conestoga Co.

Bang Stuff

A 7D I bought complete in the box had a small paint can with it.
The lable was gone, but it was about the size of the can pictured above.
I might have dated this can 1916, but price seems a little too high for 1916.

These old lead tubes are all different. The smallest one at the bottom came with a 6P pistol I got in the box.
The other tubes I believe were replacements since they are pre-priced.
The top tube is aluminum and the plastic sleeve indicates later production.

Joseph Gombotz told me that after WWII, lead for tubes was in short supply so Conestoga tried these foil packages.
I got this box, one unopened bag and one open bag (three were shipped) with a cannon I bought.
We can see the December 15, 1947 date on the mailing lable.

Bangsite was offered in this point of sale display. The $3.00 price should be some indication of the date.

The Right Stuff was packaged and sold along with the M-80 cannon which was just a 15FC that Conestoga put up for another company.

Current Bangsite Package

Bang Stuff is 14ND grade carbide was marketed by Ray-Vin.