Big-Bang Model 9B Navy Gun Boat

First seen advertised in Playthings magazine in October 1924, the Big-Bang Gunboat falls into the category of figural, that is, a cannon that looks like something else. For this reason it is highly sought by cannon collectors and is a cross collectable desired by nautical toy collectors as well.
The Gunboat is an interesting embodyment of the carbide cannon. While it is only 9" long, it is all barrel! When fired the haws pipes seem to fire down and out making it look like a snorting bull. The Gunboat is suprisingly loud.
The word "CONESTOGA" was never cast into the hull. On top of the front deck "BIG-BANG" is in the casting.

Here is a rare color ad for the 'boat. We have never seen blue in the color scheme. The common colors are grey hull, black waterline and undersides, black turrets and stack. Gunboats have been seen with a buff hull and grey trim. The red overprint reduced price reflects the hard times in 1931-32.

In 1999 Conestoga Co. re-introduced the Gunboat in yellow and red brass. These re-issues feature brass axles, black delrin wheels, steel turrets, brass stack, color flag on a brass standard and a matching yellow or red brass breech block.