Ray-Vin manufactured replacement breech blocks from silicon bronze.
These were investment cast using an MIB breech block for the pattern.
Pictured are plunger style, but we also made some wheelies.
All originals were made from zinc (pot metal).
Two and three inch charging spoons are available from Conestoga Co., but the four inch spoon that the 16F uses was not available.
Being a tool & die maker, I made a die to bend the 4" spoon from a shape I snipped out of tin and later brass.
All originals will attract a magnet. Some of our 4" spoons were stamped "Ray-Vin".

The underwing card from the Bombing Plane is a close copy of the original.
We put our name in between the rules to distinguish it from originals.
Turret caps for both the Gun Boat and the Motor Tank were made from automotive freeze plugs.
They are much heavier than the originals and have a domed top and rounded corner.

The originals had a flat top with a sharp corner.
We cast silicon bronze ammo chests for the Big-Bang model 7D. These are easily distinguished from the originals with "RAY-VIN" marked on the bottom.
Also, the originals (being made from iron) will attract a magnet.
Ammo plugs were also reproed.