Dating Big-Bang - Wheels

Oldest to Newest
No wheel ribsRibs one side onlyRibs both sides

The earliest Big-Bang wheels had no ribs on the sides of the wheel spokes.
All the 1916 cannons had no spoke ribs.
When the 10W was introduced it used the same wheels as the 1916 7F.
All the 10W with tear drop wheels are rib-less.

The 10W was eventually fitted with the pie-slice wheels we see here.
These are the same wheels that are used on the 6F which appeared in 1929.
It is not known if the wheels pre-dated the 6F or not.
But, due to the scarcity of the tear-drop 10W's I would guess that when the tear drop wheels
left over from 1916 ran out, the pie slice wheel was brought on as a replacement.

Next we see wheels with the rib on one side only as on this 11F.

Finally, wheels with ribs on both sides appeared and are what are being used today.

The rarest wheels of all are these 16F wheels with the heavy bead around the tear drop.
There is no rib on the inside and they are marked "16FB".

In the MM series, the Preimer wheels are the oldest and the tractor type are newer.
There was no exact change over according to Mr. Joseph Gombotz who told me they used both,
depending which they could get.
All the MM cannons today use the tractor tires.

The dates when these changes took place are not exact.
The factory burned in the early 1950's and many records were lost.
Since many parts were interchangable, paterns for early models continued to be used on later models.
7F & 8F wheels and ammo chests were the same size. 11F & 12F wheels and ammo chests were the same also.
The 11/12F wheels are the same as the 15FC wheels in size and patern.