Ray's 155MM Firecracker Cannon

I really love the Home Guard cannon and in my opionion it is the best of all that firecracker cannon designs. That is I choose it to reproduce. However, after learning about the 'second firecracker' routine, I found myself elevating the almost level barrel on the Bronze Home Guard to get an air burst. One day I decided to make a cannon with an elevated tube and the 155 is the result of my efforts.
The bore is 3/8" compared to 1/2" for the Home Guard. This gives a little better muzzle velocity and the elevation plan works just great!

The cannon is about 9-1/2" overall.

The barrel is 5" muzzle to breech face.

The wheels are stainless steel, 1-5/16" diameter by 1/2" wide.

I used the Home Guard design to let the weight of the barrel and drag close the breech.

The parts are 360 brass except for the wheels and retaining pins.

Proper Markings!