Rod Brown's Project

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Some photos from the cannon project that I'm working on - a "sorta-scale"
Civil War black powder cannon (12" steel barrel and 50 cal bore).

The cannon is being built out of cherry - because I had some laying around.
The rims are made up of 7 trapezoidal segments glued together and were cut
out with a router which was attached to an arm that allowed it to pivot
around the center.

I made the crude jig to sand the outer side of the wheel rim after drilling
and inserting spokes (clamped to disk sander table). The same jig was used
to sand inner side of rim using drum sander on a drill press (before spokes
were inserted) Another photo shows the same jig with the addition of a drill
guide used to drill through the rim and hub at the same time for spokes at
a 6 degree angle. (The angle supposedly gave the wheel some flex as the
cannon was pulled over rough ground.)

Cannon parts. Barrel is made from a piece of an old shaft from a commercial
fishing boat. I started it years ago and a former student of mine who is a
good amateur gunsmith recently finished it up for me.

Now I have to add the brass rims to the wheels, various other pieces of
brass "trim", blue the barrel, and FIRE!!!

I sure have enjoyed the project - a lot of problems to solve and
construction techniques to figure out. The whole process is made more
difficult because I am legally blind. However, I do have enough residual
vision that allows me to keep doing a lot of the things that I enjoy. It
just takes a lot longer, which is sometimes frustrating. I was actually
quite pleased with the wheels. They're certainly not perfect, but turned out
reasonably well.

(remove xx's from email address) Rod Brown - Wrangell, Alaska

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